“I am who I am”

I Am

In Exodus 3, the Lord tells his name to Moses. “I am who I am” is one English translation of the Hebrew.

Does any human have the power to be who he or she is?

Don’t we all have to change to adjust?

Someone criticizes me, and I say, “I’m not changing! I am who I am!”

— What am I doing when I say such a thing? — Aren’t I just making an excuse? Defending myself? Saying to you, “I don’t have to listen to you!”

Sometimes I can say this and get away with it. Sometimes I say it but back down later when I think no one is looking.

Under a drug or alcohol we might, for a moment, think we have the power to do anything we want.

Or if we are suffering a psychological inflation (to use Jung’s words) or a mental breakdown.


Mostly Trump: 76 Political Cartoons from 2016 Copyright © 2016 by Thomas R. Hersh, Ph.D., P.C. All Rights Reserved.

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