Over his Head

It may be useful for the reader to know that, roughly six months into this project, I have come to a few tentative conclusions.

  1. I think Trump is in over his head. The learning curve for running a country is very steep, and I don’t see the motivation in him. I think he is, first and foremost, a businessmen, and politics, for him, is more of a passionate hobby. He’s an amateur.
  2. My worst fear, that Donald Trump would try to become a dictator, now seems unrealistic. He is 70 years old. I imagine grabbing power and holding on to it requires a lot of hard work and persistence. He’s too old. To me, (not speaking professionally), he seems barely to have the power to finish his campaign for president.


Mostly Trump: 76 Political Cartoons from 2016 Copyright © 2016 by Thomas R. Hersh, Ph.D., P.C. All Rights Reserved.

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